Monday, August 2, 2010

A 3rd World War looming?

Mr. Ban Ki-moon
UN Secretary General,

Dear Secretary General,

We refer to the reports below for your information.

We urge the United Nation to investigate whether the US in conducting "military exercise" in the Far East is instigating "instability and unnecessary provocation" of no International benefits to all Man kind.
A 3rd world war must be prevented at all costs!

We look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours respectfully,

Eddie Hwang
Unity Party WA (Updated) (Updated)
Phone/Fax: 61893681884
Date: 02-Aug-2010.
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Mr. Barack Obama,
President of America
Dear President Obama,

Remembered you asked us for support before your election and we have supported you because we did not like former George Bush's warmongering activities.

One does not have to be a brain surgeon to see through America's pathetic excuse to conduct military exercises in the Yellow Sea. The Americans used
the Gulf of Tonkin incidence as an excuse to get involved in the Vietnam War. Looks like history is repeating itself and the Americans still have not learn those lessons from the Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq invasion and the invasion of Afghanistan. America is no better than Iraq under Saddam Hussein who invaded Kuwait some years ago.

It is so obvious to the whole world that the sinking of the Cheonam is a fabrication of South Korea and the US to implicate North Korea (see first video clip). The planned military exercise is none other than an exercise to intimidate North Korea and to send a provocative message to China. Why is the US sending over whelming military forces to exercise at the Yellow Sea which is an area close to the Chinese territory? Would America accept a similar situation if the Chinese and Russian navies conduct military exercises in the Gulf of Mexico or off the coast of California or Florida?

Mr President, your country is in a economic crisis. Do you think it would be better off concentrating your energies getting your country out of the economic doldrums and leave China alone as this country has been a role model to many peaceful nations in forging world peace and harmony? It seems that nearly every American president that comes into office has to be involved in a war or wars of some sort in order to prove to be macho and in control. This strange American psyche is a blot to your nation and as such, America has lost the respect of people in many countries.

As a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, the world looks upon you as a leader in forging peace. We hope that you will go for total disarmament of nuclear weapons including those nations that are nuclear armed at present. If America and any other country have nuclear weapons, they have no right to prevent other nations from acquiring nuclear weapons as well. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

You are to be congratulated for getting the Senate to pass the Wall Street Reform Bill and no doubt you will sign it at your earliest opportunity.

Eddie Hwang

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