Thursday, January 14, 2010

Racism in private high scchools in Australia

Mr. John Brumby
Premier of Victoria,

Dear Premier,

We refer to the reports below for your information.

We are shocked to read that racial discrimination is wide spread in the State of Victoria in the 21st century and that your Minister for Education and other Ministers are hiding behind the bureaucratic wall and bury their heads in the sand.

Would you like to comment, please?

We wait for your early reply.

Yours respectfully,

Eddie Hwang
Unity Party WA
Ph/Fax: 61 893681884
Date: 4-Jan-2010.
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Race hate scandal rocks some of nation's most elite schools
By James Campbell and Eliza Sum - Sunday Herald Sun - January 03, 2010 7:24AM

MORE than a dozen elite schools are embroiled in a race hate scandal as many of their students join a Facebook group calling for immigrants to get out of Australia.
The group's page, which features a picture of the Australian flag with the words "F--- off we're full" written across it, tells non-English speakers "if you wanna speak your crappy language, go back to were (sic) you came from".

The Facebook group is called "Mate speak english, you're in australia now" and has more than 5000 members from across the nation. It is growing by more than 300 people a day.

Anti-racism groups and school principals yesterday condemned the site, started as a prank, and called for Facebook to delete it.

Its provocative and poorly spelled page features racist rants against Muslims, non-English speakers and migrants.

The group includes students from Scotch College, Melbourne Grammar, Geelong Grammar, Trinity Grammar, Lauriston, Mentone Grammar, Ivanhoe Grammar, Camberwell Grammar, and Haileybury as well as a number of Victorian government schools.

A 16-year-old Berwick Secondary College student told the Sunday Herald Sun the group had been founded by his friends a few months ago as a joke after hearing other languages spoken on trains.
He said they made him an administrator, but he now bitterly regretted his involvement with the group.

"I've got friends from all different cultures," he said.

"People started posting racist stuff. When I caught on, that's when I exited."

The youth said he had contacted Facebook three times asking for the page to be deleted.

"Because there are no administrators left, only Facebook can delete it," he said.

Dr Chris Hayes, Principal of Xavier College, said anyone who had joined the group had broken the school's rules.

"The school abhors this sort of behaviour because it goes against everything the school stands for," he said.

Principal Ross Bevege of Berwick Secondary College said the site was disgusting and offensive and that he had contacted a student's parents about his involvement.

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